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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Not necessarily, according to two recently published careers lists. The 10 top-earning degrees according to PayScale’s survey of annual salaries comparing undergraduate degrees  www.payscale.com are: Engineering Applied Math Physics Economics Computer Science Building Construction Statistics Finance Management Information Systems Mathematics Canada’s 10 hottest….

The Pathfinder Career System (www.optimumtalent.com) says: The formula for a successful, happy life requires achieving a well balanced life in which there is time for family, life-long learning and community service as well as work Career should account for only 10%….

The employer can…as long as it’s a bona fide occupational rquirement (BFOR). What does that mean?  The assessment needs to be a requirement for the safe and efficient performance of the role.  For example: An IQ test would not constitute a BFOR for a….