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Monthly Archives: November 2012

This question is asked every year about this time and the answer remains the same:  job seekers should keep on networking, especially in December!  That urban myth that hiring managers aren’t making decisions in December has been proven false yet again.  ExecuNet’s recent survey says that 69% of third parties….

Wallace Immen, in his January 6, 2012 Globe Careers column “Want better employees?  Ask better questions” says:  “At least 70% of employers still ask lame, predictable questions.  That’s why they often miss clues that a candidate is destined to be….

We’re overloaded with data every hour of every day (do you dare to turn off your Blackberry at night?!) but what do we actually retain, let alone share? Google Chris Rawlinson’s “Did You Know” video;  I was gobsmacked with the pace….