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Monthly Archives: December 2012

One of the most creative…and practical …approaches I’ve seen for setting goals for a new year was a client’s “Letter to Stakeholder“.  Every year, on her birthday rather than on New Year’s Day, she writes herself a letter, as the major stakeholder of “Me….

Speed networking and dating are well entrenched in our culture, but speed carolling?  In a church?  By Presbyterians?  Yikes! By anyone’s account, especially my own, I’m pretty much a heathen.  After years of attending church as a kid (my mum was high Anglican….

I’m a huge Dragon’s Den fan and was one of a legion of people who rued the day Brett Wilson decided to leave the show.  Of course I had to read his book ”Redefining Success:  still making mistakes” as soon as it came off the press….