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Monthly Archives: January 2013

January typically means new  diets, fitness programs…and job searches.  But where to look if you’re based in Ontario? Stats Canada released seasonally adjusted, 3-month moving average unemployment rates for major cities in Canada as of December 2012 (small statistical samples mean….

The line between not-for-profits and business is becoming less distinct as N4P’s become more businesslike and businesses accept more social responsibility. N4P’s continue to look for more creative ways to secure funding as criteria tighten, to elevate simpler fund raising tactics to more sophisticated fund development strategies and to consider the….

Here it is mid January.  So…how are your new year’s resolutions unfolding?  Are you one of the 67% of people who bought a gym membership in early January and is unlikely to use it? Maybe you need Daruma power!  (No:  Jenna Elfman played Dharma….