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Happy Canada Day, eh?


Sing along with this Canada Day video created by my sister and niece:


It always surprises me that people will travel everywhere else before they’ve experienced the incredible diversity and beauty Canada has to offer.  These are a few of my favourite things (to date)…

  • British Columbia:  Paddling from Bella Bella to Bella Coola.  Just “being”  on the beach at Tofino on Vancouver Island.
  • Alberta:  Climbing the rock-face at Lake Louise.
  • Saskatchewan:  Savouring a bison burger.
  • Manitoba:  Delighting in Winnpeg’s Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.
  • Ontario:  Engaging in a Pow-Wow at the Six Nations of the Grand River, Canada’s largest First Nation.
  • Quebec:  Touring a maple sugar bush and savouring that first piece of tarte au sucre.
  • New Brunswick:  Rediscovering your inner kid at St. Andrews Creative Playground.
  • Prince Edward Island:  Seeing, having imagined, where Anne of Green Gables lived.
  • Nova Scotia:  Meandering through Cape Breton.
  • Newfoundland:  Being screeched in one of those towns with a saucy name.

I have yet to visit Yukon, The Northwest Territories or Nunavut but they’re all high on my bucket list.

Before you buy that ticket to Europe, consider driving and/or taking the train coast to coast to coast.  That’s the trip of a lifetime every true-blue Canuck deserves to experience!