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Many people spend more time considering the colour of their new car or the venue for their next vacation than they do planning and managing their career!

Are you frustrated with your guidance program at school or career development plan at work?  Are you ready and willing to take charge of your own career?

I offer 2 cost effective services to individuals:

Career Assessment (for individuals and teams) using The Pathfinder Career System www.optimumtalent.com/en/pathfinder-career-system.html

This is considered to be one of the world’s finest career assessment tools and it’s unique value proposition is that it:

  • Predicts the likelihood of your success in a role (the database has 2,500+ generalist and specialist titles)
  • Provides you with a comprehensive overview of your behaviours (more than 80 individual traits and how they relate to success in specific roles)
  • Confirms career interests.

Imagine having objective data with which to make an informed decision about how to best invest time and money in your schooling and professional development for the rest of your career.  I’d be glad to provide more detailed information about the process, outcomes and benefits

Careeer Management:  whether you need:

  • An analysis of the labour market in your geo-area
  • An assessment of resources for relevant schooling, shorter term skills training, longer term career development or professional designations
  • Marketing documents (e.g. business cards, résumé, cover letter)
  • Career search strategies (e.g. the pros and cons of published vs. hidden or networked opportunities)
  • Interview preparation (using behaviourally based questions)
  • Negotiation tactics for a total compensation package (e.g. base salary, bonus, benefits, retirement plan, perks)
  • Transitional support for your new role (the first 30-60-90 days)…
  • Other?

I can help!  You can choose one component or a complete package, whatever you need as essential services or want as added value support.