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We’re going to have a ball!  (I admit it, a Connie Francis tune dates me big time).

Remember how you felt on the last day of school?  Why do so many adults get so anxious about vacations?  Yes, we have to work a little harder before and after taking time off but the value of getting away is immeasurable.

It’s time to recapture that last-day-of-school feeling!  Need some suggestions?


  • Be assertive:  you need and want time off so don’t be cajoled into working instead of relaxing.
  • Schedule at least 2 weeks off:  one to decompress, the other to recharge.  Taking vacation a day at a time around a weekend doesn’t help you really relax.
  • Tune out!  If you can’t disconnect totally from your smartphone, laptop, TV, etc. for the whole time, try to limit your tech-time to an hour a day.  There’s nothing sadder than seeing a family together but apart because each person is texting someone else, not being in the moment with the group.

Get Away…

  • Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before.  Once you’re in the car, on the train or in the plane, you’ll automatically begin to relax.  Meander down backroads rather than zoom along the highways.  Take a leisurely trip across the country by train.
  • See Canada first!  Check out people’s Canada Day choices if you need suggestions on where to go and what to do.


  • Do nothing!  Easier said than done but now’s the time to try it.
  • Catch some zzz’s.  Go to bed early and get up late.  Stay in your jim-jams all day.
  • Gear down.  Try meditation, pilates, yoga.
  • Be present.  Learn to stop and smell the roses, savour the moment.
  • Spend time with family and friends.  Kids will show you how to have fun!  Rally the family for a picnic.  Enjoy a girls’ or guys’ night out.
  • Have some “me” time.  That’s not being selfish!  That’s recharging your heart and mind and soul.  And you deserve it.
  • Take a day trip.  Be a visitor in your own town.
  • Hang out on your deck or patio.  It’s the perfect place to read, listen to music, snooze in a hammock, favourite bevvie at hand.
  • Find a summer camp for adults.  No matter what your interests, from arts to sports, there’s one for you.
  • Get your body moving.  Hit the gym or dance, row, run, swim, walk.
  • Eat new foods.  Take a cooking class or find an ethic restaruant other than Chinese (how about Colombian?  Ethiopian?).
  • Relax at the spa.  Have a mani-pedi.  Try a massage, Reiki, reflexology…
  • Find your inner artiste.   Enjoy some live theatre.  Groove at a concert.  Visit an art gallery.  Take a photography class.

Now you can write a compelling ”what I did on my summer vacation” blurb for Facebook!