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What’s Your Dream Job?


I spent my corporate career in financial services as an HR practitioner then became self-employed 14 years ago.

One of my favourite questions in the Bernard Pivot questionnaire (used by host James Lipton to wrap up each segment of Inside the Actor’s Studio) is “What profession other than your own own would you like to attempt”?
That prompted me to start a “bucket list” of jobs I’d love to try.  Finally I have the time to test drive some of them.  My top 10 (in no particular order) include:

  1. Bartender:  As a volunteer at Aeolian Hall, one of Canada’s top 10 music venues, I get to pull pints just like Bett on Coronation Street!  Every event draws a different crowd of really interesting people and I get to enjoy a free concert.
  2. Reiki practitioner:  An empathetic colleague suggested that I’d benefit (calm down!) from Reiki.  I was sceptical and took more than a year to schedule my first session but it made such a difference in my well-being that I signed up to learn how the technique works.
  3. Doula: There’s nothing more amazing than supporting a family during the birthing process.  While I was too old to enroll in a full midwifery program, I was able to complete the Lamaze program.  Coaching mums and partners through this experience is a life-affirming experience.
  4. Transport truck driver:  I love driving so was intrigued when a colleague took a sabbatical from the corporate world to complete the transport driver course.  She travelled up and down the eastern seaboard for a year then returned to her former role as a “suit” completely refreshed.
  5. Gardener:  I’m currently completing my Master Gardener designation and hope to add value to neighbourhood revitalization programs.  Part of my training involves studying the history of botanical gardens and why conservation is so important for the future of plants.
  6. Architect: I love old homes and while the artistic gene passed me by I’m interested in how to align gardens with the aesthetic of a particular building.
  7. Tattoo artist:  Kat Von D caught my attention with her amazing portrait tattoos (and lifestyle).  I don’t have a tatt but I’d love to job shadow Kat for a day or week and tap into her creative mind.
  8. Dragon on Dragon’s Den:  And oh to be an entrepreneur with a sense of social responsibility like Arlene Dickinson or Brett Wilson!  Both of them live authentic lives and have become mentors for many of us.
  9. Roller Derby Chick:  My daughter the midwife, a most calm and gentle soul, lets loose once a week on four wheels.  I’ve always loved both ice and inline skating so roller derby may be next.
  10. Whale scientist.  On trips to Hawaii, I’ve been fortunate enough to go on whale watches and listen to their songs via sonar.  The tour facilitators are passionate about their work and I discovered that whales and humans are pretty similar in how they communicate.

That’s my current top 10 list.  It’s pretty organic and evolves as I meet new people who impact my interests.

With people changing careers (not just jobs) many more times in their working lives, we don’t have to lock in to just one career-for-life.  Now, more than ever, it’s possible to re-invent ourselves.

What would you like to be when you grow up?