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Why is “Why” So Important?


Inquisitive toddlers ask “why” constantly as their curiosity about the world increases.  But frustrated parents may shut them down with “Because…”!

Now Simon Sinek is re-encouraging us to “Start with Why“.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpOHIF3Sfl4

He claims to have codified the world’s simplest idea, The Golden Circle.  He shows how all of us can recite what we do, some of us can say how we do it (our unique value proposition), few of us can articulate why we do what we do best every day.

He goes on to ask:  why is it that some companies and people achieve while others don’t?  Because they Start With Why and work from the inside out rather than the outside in.  They know their cause and purpose, what they believe, why they exist, why they get out of bed every morning.  They know that others don’t buy what they do but why they do it.  Don’t you prefer to do business with people who believe what you do?

As a sole practitioner, I’m selling me and my consultancy every day to a wide range of people, both organizations and individuals.  Now that I start with why I do what I do, I can see how this approach really does engage people much more quickly.

Whether you’re a company which needs a new business strategy, a leader who wants to inspire your team to new success or an employee searching for purpose in your work, this is a compelling idea that works.

Simon says it best!  Watching his YouTube clip will be 20 mintues very well spent.